Dog Walking

Regular mid-day walks to provide exercise and mental stimulation for your canine companions.

Vacation Care

In-home visits to care for all types of pets while you're away, including feeding, playtime, and litter box/cage cleaning.

Cat Sitting

Specialized care for your feline friends, including feeding, litter box cleaning, and plenty of attention and affection.

Critter Care

Customized care for small pets such as hamsters, rabbits, birds, and reptiles, ensuring they're safe and comfortable in your absence.

Overnight Visits

Deluxe overnight stays in a pet sitter's home or in your own home, providing companionship and care for pets who prefer not to be left alone overnight.

Customizable Feeding

Personalized feeding schedules tailored to your pet's dietary needs and preferences.

Medication Administration

Trained pet sitters capable of administering various forms of medication, including pills, topical treatments, injections, and subcutaneous fluids.

In-Person Meet

Personalized introductions between your pet and one of our professional pet sitters, ensuring compatibility and comfort before scheduling services.

Visit Reports

Detailed reports after each visit, including updates on your pet's behavior, mood, and any notable observations.

House Sitting

Beyond pet care, we offer house sitting services such as mail collection, plant watering, light rotation, and trash/recycling management to give your home a lived-in appearance while you're away.

Pet Transportation

Safe and reliable transportation for your pets to and from appointments, such as vet visits or grooming appointments, with the option for a pet sitter to accompany them for comfort and reassurance.

Poopie Patrol

Pet waste removal service, either as a standalone visit or as an add-on during a scheduled pet visit, ensuring your yard stays clean and hygienic.